Tuesday, 5 April 2011

ERosanne having a brief shoot before shooting back off to her European Abba tour

ERosanne went off to start her European Tour with the Abba tribute band, well I say she went off, actually she boarded the plane, it took off and she was instantly taken rather poorly so the plane returned to the U.K. and she was rushed off to hospital.

Anyway all was well fairly soon after the medical butchers had their way and then we had a short shoot to relieve her boredom before flying off to rejoin the tour.

Most unusual to keep some clothes on for Ros but needs must when theres little scars and bruises !! I think we succeeded in keeping them fairly well concealed

Sunday 3th April 2011 shoot with Button

Had a run to Milton Keynes to shoot Button with KK1

Its always a great pleasure to shoot with Nic Button and Sunday was no exception, we used the famous wall a little bit and because the day was fairly mild we managed to use outdoors a little.

We had a very relaxed and easy shoot looking for new images for Buttons web-site

Saturday 19th March at Binkys

I booked a shoot with Binky and Nikkia early in 2011 only to fall victim to man-flu a couple of days before the shoot so it was fortunate that they arranged another collaboration and we managed to rearrange.

It was well worth the wait, ( and the longish drive from Derbyshire ), having Nikkia on hand with an absolute mountain of clothes and accessories to play with was absolutely amazing and we had great difficulty in deciding what to use.

Time to Start Again. I have been very remiss

Time to start explaining what I have been doing lately.

In proper Miss World style, in reverse order......

Had a great shoot with Charlotte Barnes on 26th March 2011 , we had messed about for about three years and finally picked a date, Charlotte posted a casting for a MUA and we worked with Rebecca Fay Collins from Manchester. It was a very relaxed shoot and I think we made some good images, see what you think.